Aman Residence

Located in the northern Rocky Mountains, the Aman Residence sits on the outer edge of a compact residential community with picturesque views to surrounding mountains and valleys. The ridgeline location slopes significantly in three directions, with exposure to dramatic mountain weather patterns and seasonal variety. Existing vegetation includes sage, various woody shrubs, and grasses. Residential covenants require extending native trees from the existing community around any proposed development to “soften” it from surrounding valley views. Existing geology includes large granite boulders to be used in the landscape development.

The Aman Residence confidently incorporates a disciplined mix of organic and geometric forms resulting in a landscape that balances the natural and built environment. Native plant materials in the surrounding landscape flow through the site and on the roof, converging with the ordered residence that reaches out with composed terraces and deliberate connections. Simplicity in design and materials can be seen throughout resulting in a regionally appropriate, sustainable landscape.