Wilson Residence

The Wilson Residence is a new primary residence, less than 2,500 square feet in size, on a ¾ acre lot in a suburban subdivision within a high-alpine mountain resort community. The property was previously pasture, and several irrigation ditches connect to nearby Fish Creek. The family is active and outdoor-oriented requiring an intense program of site activities and outdoor spaces that offer both wild and domestic; from slack-line, kayak, and trampoline to a storm porch for passive viewing of mountain thunderstorms. Extending the living space to the outdoors was of primary importance. To rest gently on the land was strongly desired. The Wilson Residence was designed to borrow from the distant mountains and adjacent open space, stream, and wetlands to expand the perceived size and scale of the site, provide a rootedness to its context and create provocative contrast to the surrounding suburban neighborhood. The site is located in a high earthquake zone where several fault lines converge. This geologic activity is expressed in the “broken-bar” configuration of the house as well as being reflected in the organization of the program and the layout, design, detailing, and materials of the site.